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Visit a small natural reef in northern Sal which is a popular feeding area for lemon sharks. Here we will enter the water with an experienced marine biologist guide who will explain all about the sharks whilst having the opportunity to witness them swimming in the waters near you. We will visit at the best times to see the sharks to give you every opportunity to get the most from this excursion. Please note shoes are required to walk in the water, as the ocean floor is rocky to walk on (these are available to rent at the venue for €2).

Cost: €25 per person            Duration: 2.5 hours        Suitability: May be unsuitable for elderly persons

Shark watching

Bike & Hike


Turtle Walks

Ocean explorer

With a variety of locations to choose from, mountainous or coastal routes, you will have the opportunity to see more of Sal island and its wildlife and plants, some which are only found in Sal. Whilst hikes can be planned around the client it is recommended you are able to walk on soft sand and hard ground. 

Cost: €25 adult/€15 child          Duration: 2-4 hours        Suitability: Location is decided upon ability of group


View the spectacular starlit sky from the beach in the Santa Maria area with a knowledgeable guide and our super state of the art telescope. See the moon in all its glory, the Milky Way and many constellations, all described to you by your guide. Sample a local drink and enjoy the beach in a whole new setting for a unique experience in Sal.

Cost: €25 adult/€15 child          Duration: 1.5 hours        Suitability: All

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Join a guide along the beach around Santa Maria in search of a nesting female Loggerhead turtle. Learn all about the biology of the turtles and their current threats from our experienced marine biologists, and have the chance to watch a nesting turtle lay her eggs and return to the sea. Tours will be approximately 4km long at a slow pace following a turtle ‘code of conduct’ to minimise any disturbance to the turtle. 

Cost: €30 per person            Duration: 2 hours        Suitability: May be unsuitable for young children/elderly persons

Contact us if you have any queries about our excursions. We offer bespoke tours for families and those of special needs to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the very best of Sal. 

View our special Children's Adventures to keep your little ones entertained! 

From one of three bird watching locations you will have the opportunity to observe the birdlife of Sal with an experienced guide. Some of the species you might see include the Red Billed Tropicbird and Osprey known to be breeding here on Sal, an important nesting site for Cabo Verde. There will be the choice to stay at lower altitudes or to hike up one of our mountains to view the birds, whilst our guide explains the area and their behaviour, all with binoculars for you to see from a better viewpoint.

​Cost: €25 per person         Duration: 2-3 hours      Suitability: Location is decided upon ability of group

After collecting your bikes in Santa Maria your guide will take you through the town, to the Salinas towards Kite Beach and finally Serra Negra. Here you will hike to the top of Serra Negra with magnificent views of the island. There will be the opportunity to see some wildlife of Sal, particularly its endemic birdlife, and have a refreshing swim in the sea. The bikes are ergonomic in design and easy to ride throughout the entire tour. 

Cost: €35 per person         Duration: 3.5 hours      Suitability: May be unsuitable for young children/elderly persons

Leaving from the Pier, you will visit the reef around this area, leading to the sunken statue of Jesus. Using state of the art Seadoo Seascooters you will travel through the water effortlessly as your guide shows you local fish and allows you to explore more at several stops on the way to the Jesus statue. The seadoo, snorkel and wetsuit kit are provided for you, with the opportunity to partake in this excursion either in the morning (0900) or afternoon (1400). 

Cost: €55 per person            Duration: 1 hour        Suitability: Recommended age 12+

Bird watching



Seadoo Safari

Travel from the pier along the west coast of Sal to the waters of Monte Leao on the fastest boat in Sal! During the excursion we will search for flying fish, dolphins and hopefully turtles (especially during the nesting season) with the chance for a rare sighting of a humpback or pilot whale. You can also enjoy the coastal views of Sal from a unique viewpoint and have the opportunity to snorkel at the best spots in Sal. 

​Cost: €50 per person            Duration: 2 hours        Suitability: Recommended age 12+