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Shark Experience

Explore Cape Verde Nature Excursions is committed to promoting a sustainable form of eco-tourism, whilst highlighting the natural beauty of Sal and its amazing wildlife. We are proud to donate a percentage of every excursion directly to conservation efforts on Sal Island.

Why Choose Us 


At Explore Cape Verde we are proud to offer you a range of high quality, eco-conscious excursions that bring you closer to nature as well as highlighting Sal’s vibrant history and culture. Our carefully selected team is made up of dedicated marine biologists and conservationists, so you can be sure that we will always be respectful of any wildlife we encounter on our nature excursions.  All of our team have a true passion for nature, which shines through on our excursions. We are committed to making sure our excursions are the best on the island and that our guests leave with fantastic memories of Sal Island.


We are the only excursion company to donate a percentage of every excursion directly to the conservation charity Project Biodiversity, to help support conservation efforts on Sal Island. To date, we have donated over €15,000 towards the protection of the endangered loggerhead turtles and other animals; helping to preserve Sal’s wildlife for future generations. We also support Nakawe Project, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping save the world’s dwindling shark populations. Most recently, we donated to their 'Game Over Fishing' campaign, a feature length documentary designed to raise awareness and highlight the devastating effects of illegal over fishing of our oceans.


Explore Cape Verde is the leading example in sustainable eco-tourism on Sal. We are proud to have signed the first 'Declaration for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism' on Sal. We were honoured to be one of the few companies asked to sign, in recognition of our ongoing commitment to sustainable, eco friendly tourism. This document is a 10 point code of conduct for excursion providers in which we commit to protect the environment, support local livelihoods and support local cultural norms, such as respecting and promoting local culture on our excursions.

To find out more about other environmental and community projects we are involved in, please see 'Giving Back'. 

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By choosing us, you really are helping to make a difference!

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