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Giving Back


At Explore Cape Verde we want to help make a positive difference in any way we can, which is why we are committed to being the leading example of sustainable eco-tourism in Cape Verde. But we’re not stopping there!  Here are some ways we’re giving back, to help support the environment, wildlife and local community...​​

Donation to project.jpg

We donate a percentage of every excursion directly to Project Biodiversity, a wildlife conservation charity based on Sal, Cape Verde. We are proud to have donated over €15,000 towards the protection of the endangered loggerhead turtles and other animals; helping to preserve Sal’s wildlife for future generations.


We purchase beautifully made turtles from a local artisan which serves to supplement her income. We then sell these turtles in our shop, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Project Biodiversity.


We support Nakawe Project, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping save the world’s dwindling shark populations. Most recently, we donated to their ‘Game Over Fishing’ campaign, a feature length documentary designed to raise awareness and highlight the devastating effects of illegal over fishing of our oceans.

We participate in regular beach cleans, collecting plastic and other marine debris which regularly washes up on our beaches. This is important to ensure the nesting loggerhead turtles and their hatchlings do not become entangled in any of the litter. Discarded fishing nets pose a particular problem to both adult turtles and their hatchlings.

Beach Clean.jpg
Turtle Rescue.jpg

Rescuing a turtle! This was a proud moment for us at Explore Cape Verde. Two of our guides rescued a female loggerhead turtle who had become stranded in a rocky pool of water whilst trying to nest. Our team knew just what to do and made sure she was returned safely to the sea. When your team is full of marine biologists and conservationists with years of experience, it really makes a difference! Well done guys!

Adopting a nest in the turtle hatchery here on Sal. A great way to contribute to turtle conservation. Good luck little guys!


In collaboration with Project Biodiversity, we were involved in a project to build chairs and tables from recycled wooden pallets, for the children who attend a local primary school. Volunteers from Project Biodiversity built the furniture, whilst we purchased brightly coloured paints to paint the furniture and make it more visually appealing and suited to a classroom for young children.

No more plastic straws for the Explore Cape Verde team! To do our part to reduce the amount of plastic waste that enters our oceans, we’ve started using these fantastic reusable metal straws. We’ve also recycled some of our old Explore Cape Verde t-shirts and used them to make little bags to keep our straws in.

Reusable straws.jpg
Declaration for responsible tourism.jpg

We are proud to have signed the first 'Declaration for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism' on Sal. We were honoured to be one of the few companies asked to sign, in recognition of our ongoing commitment to sustainable, eco friendly tourism. This document is a 10 point code of conduct for excursion providers in which we commit to protect the environment, support local livelihoods and support local cultural norms, such as respecting and promoting local culture on our excursions.

We have donated funds to a government initiative in local schools, aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging more eco-conscious behaviour. The children will be involved in a number of environmental awareness activities and will then be asked to think of ways to combat or raise awareness of some of the issues faced by Cape Verde. We were delighted to be asked to contribute to this worthwhile initiative.

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Bookmark photo.JPG

We hand out specially designed bookmarks to every guest who attends one of our Turtle Walks. These bookmarks have interesting facts and photos of loggerhead turtles. As well as being a keepsake from our excursion, the bookmark also has information about Project Biodiversity, as a way to raise awareness of this worthwhile cause.

Turtle rescue number 2!


Another proud moment here at Explore Cape Verde. Jonathan (Explore Cape Verde) & Ben (Eco Dive School Cabo Verde) spotted a loggerhead turtle that had become trapped in a fishing net & immediately waded into the ocean to help! Thankfully, they were able to free the turtle and it was able to make its way back to the ocean where it belongs! We’re so glad that there was a happy ending this time, but sadly, this sight is becoming more and more common. This is why on our excursions we are passionate about highlighting the problems caused to marine life by plastic pollution, and we are committed to doing our part to reduce the amount of plastic that enters our oceans.

foto pontao 2.jpg

To celebrate World Oceans Day 2019, Explore Cape Verde participated in an underwater cleanup organized by Red de Vigilantes Marinos & Project Biodiversity at Santa Maria beach, Sal Island. In total about 200 kilos of litter was collected and taken out of the ocean! We’re very happy to have been able to participate in this really worthwhile event.

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